Berta Rojas
[ 2022 ]
Winner Best Classical Album & Winner Best Contemporary Classical Composition
Acclaimed guitarist Berta Rojas illuminates the legacies of the prodigious Ida Presti and María Luisa Anido through her CD, Legado. Featuring Rojas’ stunning and attentive interpretations of original compositions by Anido and Presti as well as a selection of works written in their homage, the album is a celebration of the lives and artistry of two of guitar history’s most illustrious players.
«The fact that this is a marvellously engineered and recorded album is a huge bonus. Every aspect of Miss Rojas’ extraordinarily brilliant technical ability – whether nail-sizzle and nut-side, or the in the percussive colours that emerge not only from virtuoso pizzicato playing but also drumming on the body of her instrument – looms large and often makes Miss Rojas emerge as a whole chamber ensemble. This is what you would call an album to die for…Bravo Berta Rojas!»
Raul Da Gama
World Music Report
“Idylle pour Ida Op.93”
[(John Duarte)]
Album: LEGADO [Mayo, 2022]

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