Berta Rojas
[ 2017 ]
On the CD “Felicidade,” renowned Paraguayan guitarist Berta Rojas and the National Symphonic Orchestra of Paraguay —under the direction of the Argentine maestro Popi Spatocco— are joined by three legendary contributors to the rich story of Brazilian music: Gilberto Gil, Toquinho and Ivan Lins.
«The straightforward, honest and electric performances give voice to the music with a feeling of being born on the spot. Recorded in Paraguay, Argentina and Brazil, the sound throughout has fire and soul.»
Lawrence Vittes
“The making of “Felicidade””
[Berta Rojas]
Berta Rojas
Director: Jeisson Rodríguez
Edition and Post Production: Noelia Armele
Executive Producers: Gabriela Sabaté
Backstage Cameras Leticia López and Jeisson Rodríguez
Backstage photos: Rodrigo Da Silva
Image Consultant: Celeste Prieto
Conducted and Produced by: Popi Spatocco

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