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Salsa Roja
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Colores y surcos latinoamericanos en "Salsa roja"

After her musical adventure called A Day and a Half, recorded with Cuban musician Paquito D'Rivera and soon to be nominated for a Latin Grammy, Paraguayan classical guitarist Berta Rojas released Salsa Roja.

Berta Rojas - "Salsa Roja" (2013). OnMusic Recordings. The ambiguity of the title could mislead the unprepared listener, given that the album does not stay within a defined musical genre. On the contrary, it acts as a palette of musical colors which traverses the grooves of various Latin America rhythms, from Argentina to Cuba, Costa Rica, Mexico and Paraguay. Romanticism is prevalent in the beautiful tracks "Aparición," "Te contemplo desde mi ventana," and "Obsesión," while melancholy and nostalgia come out more in "Calle del viento." The most folkloric rhythms are in the suite "Fiesta americana," which was written by British composer Vincent Lindsey-Clark and includes the piece "Salsa Roja.

"The Orchestra of Recycled Instruments of Cateura offers its talent to the festive Costa Rican rhythm of "Tambito Josefino. "In Salsa Roja, Rojas immortalizes the joyful, nostalgic and pure soul offered by the album's fusion of Latin American influences.

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