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A consultant to figuring out the Austrians that delves into the cultural curiosities and bizarre features of this land-locked nation "The Austrian wishes plenty of persuading to have his traditions tampered with within the identify of modernization and potency. he's hooked up to his sausage, his insipid beer, and the younger white wine that tastes so remarkably like iron filings. He prefers the normal, attempted, and confirmed to the newness, the latter in all probability being an test by means of people unknown to earn money at his expense." "Home lifestyles for the Austrians is a endless quest for Gem?tlichkeit or coziness, that is completed by way of gathering items that run the gamut from the pleasingly aesthetic to the mind-blowingly kitsch." "In Austria detonating pretension is a countrywide hobby. It has to do with attitudes to strength that date again to an absolutist type of executive and with the self-irony built by means of those who have been (or idea they have been) extra proficient than the authority to which they'd to defer." "The paradoxical personality of the Austrian mingles profoundly conservative attitudes with an aptitude for innovation and invention. This inventive stress often takes the shape of respectable obstructionism to solid principles, yet occasionally the wrong way around. for instance, the inhabitants have been outraged by means of Josef II's try and cause them to undertake reusable coffins with flaps at the underside for dropping by the wayside the corpses. (The Emperor was once pressured to retreat, grumbling as he did so concerning the people's wasteful attitude.)"

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