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Nevertheless, our small troop was not supposed to contribute to this exploit. Our leader, after assembling our supplies and receiving his instructions, ordered us to march – singing – in the direction of Lublin. In our song, even the trees were supposed to salute us, because it was “for our Poland” that we were going into combat. In reality, neither man nor beast nor any other living thing paid us any honor and we didn’t have the opportunity to fire a single shot. The enemy always came from the air, and even when they flew very low, they were still beyond the range of our old Mausers.

FIGHTS HIS WAY INTO GERMANY MARCH-APRIL 1945 Private Charles Cavas, 417th Infantry Regiment A BOMB HITS THE PROPAGANDA MINISTRY, BERLIN, 13 MARCH 1945 Joseph Goebbels IN DYING WE LIVE: LAST TESTAMENT OF A DANISH ANTI-NAZI, 4 APRIL 1945 Seaman Kim Malthe-Bruun ITALIAN PARTISANS TAKE THEIR REVENGE, TRIESTE, 13 APRIL 1945 Geoffrey Cox, British Eighth Army HOLOCAUST: A REPORTER VISITS BELSEN, 19 APRIL 1945 Richard Dimbleby BBC THE GERMAN ARMY SURRENDERS, LÜNEBERG HEATH, 3 MAY 1945 Field Marshal Montgomery VICTORY IN EUROPE CELEBRATIONS, 8 MAY 1945 Mollie Panter-Downes, London Part VII The Road to Berlin: The Eastern Front, February 1943-May 1945 INTRODUCTION “CONCENTRATED SLAUGHTER”: A RUSSIAN CAVALRY AND TANK ATTACK, KORSUN, UKRAINE, 17 FEBRUARY 1943 Major Kampov, Red Army Officer CITADEL: TANK BATTLE AT KURSK, 4 JULY 1943 General von Mellenthin, Wehrmacht WOUNDED SS TROOPS, CHERKASSY, FEBRUARY 1944 Leon Degrelle, Legion Wallonie ONE MAN’S WAR: AN UNFORTUNATE DAY ON THE EASTERN FRONT, JULY 1944 Lieutenant Zhuravlev Alexander Grigoryevich, Red Army WARSAW UPRISING: A PARTISAN GROUP IS TRAPPED IN THE SEWERS, 26 SEPTEMBER 1944 Anonymous fighter, -“Polish Home Army” GERMANS FLEEING THE RUSSIAN ADVANCE, DANZIG, 9 MARCH 1945 Hans Gliewe, schoolboy GOTTERDAMMERUNG: HITLER PLANS THE DESTRUCTION OF GERMANY, 18 MARCH 1945 Colonel-General Heinz Guderian, Chief of the General Staff A MEETING WITH HITLER, APRIL 1945 Gerhardt Boldt, Wehrmacht THE BATTLE OF BERLIN: SOVIET GUNS OPEN FIRE, 20 APRIL 1945 Colonel-General Chuikov, Eighth Guards Army THE BATTLE OF BERLIN, 24 APRIL-1 MAY 1945 Anonymous German Staff Officer THE FALL OF BERLIN: A CITIZEN’S VIEW, 26 APRIL-1MAY 1945 Claus Fuhrman, Berliner BERLIN: SS FANATICS HOLD OUT AT THE REICHSTAG, 28 APRIL-1 MAY 1945 Anonymous German soldier ORDER OF THE DAY NO.

FINLAND: GUERILLA WAR IN THE SNOW, 2 FEBRUARY 1940 Virginia Cowles The Soviet Union invaded Finland on 30 November 1939. The main attack fell on the “waist” of Finland in the Suomussalmi area and on the Karelian Isthmus, and was intended to crack the fortified Mannerheim Line. Despite being outnumbered 5 to 1, Finnish troops resisted until 12 March 1940, taking – by virtue of superior tactics and training – 200,000 Russian lives for the loss of 25,000 Finns. Cowles was a reporter for The Sunday Times and New York Herald Tribune.

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