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By John W. Burton

This analytical interdisciplinary approac to the examine of behaviour in global society makes an attempt to make relitively complex fabric intelligible to these with out the heritage of political technological know-how which has hitherto been invaluable. Dr Burton, viewing global society as a complete setting within which the behaviour of people, teams, countries and states happens, describes ethnic, political, fiscal and ideological structures and discusses all features of behaviour: decision-making; roles, non-rational task, difficulties of belief, values and clash. He indicates how such behaviour pertains to that which we all know in all social teams and in additional limited parts, and states that any research of foreign society, its difficulties and conflicts, and is the reason behaviour at one social point in a different way from task at one other social point has to be deceptive. This e-book presents a stimulating and hard research of worldwide society so as to curiosity a variety of these learning diplomacy, sociology and politics in universities, colleges and schools of schooling.

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While these new disciplines are an advance on past specializations, they do not provide the means towards a general theory of behaviour, or even towards a manageable synthesis of different disciplines. The departmentalization of knowledge persists. The original divisions deal with behaviour at different levels of social organization - biology, animal studies, psychology, social psychology, anthropology, sociology, politics, international politics. These new disciplines are concerned with structure and function, and touch upon each of the old disciplines, but are themselves separate from each other.

The Chinese are a very large minority, and their economic position is resented by Malays. Chinese resent Malay privileges written into the constitution. In the event of a serious racial clash Chinese could concentrate in some areas for self-protection. A next step could be an attempt at secession. On the Nigerian precedent, the Soviet Union might assist in maintaining unity, and Britain might try to maintain its presence. All this is speculative and perhaps unlikely. But we come nearer to both an analysis of a current situation and forecasting possible outcomes if we take into account systems 48 PART ONE: INTRODUCTION links in addition to the current statements of government policy.

It is a means by which some features of it can better be understood. ' This is an analogy. There may be some relation to reality in that states include individuals and individuals may be aggressive. But this association with reality, and the aggressiveness of the individual, have both to be demonstrated: they may not be present. Until so demonstrated similarities are but analogous. The tendency is to confuse analogy with reality, to confuse, that is, the use of analogy with the use of models. The use of General Systems Theory sometimes helps in determining that which individuals, small groups, communities and states have in common.

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