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By Edward W. Sawyer Department of Applied Science Université du Québec à Chicoutimi Chicoutimi, Québec, G7H 2B1

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2004). The melt that moves from the limbs and into the core region fills the various dilatant sites that develop there (see Fig. 1-9c) as the fold tightened. Thus the leucosomes in folds are commonly located: 1) between, and parallel to, bedding planes that have dilated in the fold hinges, 2) in arrays of planar structures that are oriented parallel to the axial surface of the fold, 3) in arrays of radially oriented tensile fractures formed in the most competent of the folded layers (generally a resister lithology) and, 4) in variously oriented shears within the fold that are commonly related to shortening of strong layers in the hinge region, and where the layers were extended on the fold limbs.

1992, 1997, Arbaret et al. 1996, 1997). Thus, the effect of higher shear strains on a diatexite magma is to produce a stronger magmatic foliation, a better alignment of schollen and better parallelism of flow banding, all of which results in a more strongly foliated or layered appearance to the schollen- and schlierenstructured diatexite migmatites, but it does not create a distinctive new morphology. The effect of high shear strains on the diatexite magmas that contain few schollen or schlieren is not very conspicuous, simply because they lack suitable macroscopic markers to record it.

2001b): Transfer of melt between microscopic pores and macroscopic veins in migmatites. Phys. Chem. Earth 26, 363367. A. G. (2005): Formation, crystallization and migration of melt in the mid-orogenic crust: Muskoka domain migmatites, Grenville Province, Ontario. J. Petrol. 46, 893-919. S. & BROWN, M. (2001): Petrogenesis of migmatites in Maine, USA: possible source of peraluminous leucogranite in plutons? J. Petrol. 42, 789-823. STÜWE, K. & POWELL, R. (1989): Metamorphic segregations associated with garnet and POWELL, R.

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