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By David Oliver

During this quantity, Oliver (aviation author and photographer) and Ryan (managing director of AVPRO united kingdom Ltd) describe the hot strive against airplane platforms being designed this day. They current the glorious machines that might fly with no pilots, stealthy warplanes that may be virtually proof against assault over the digitized battlefields of the longer term, combatants which may be introduced like missiles from submarines, bombers which could speed up to 10 instances the rate of sound, and the expertise on the different finish of the dimensions akin to unmanned aerial automobiles that will healthy into the hand and manage to subtle operations. commonly illustrated with colour pictures. Oversize: 8.75x12". Annotation c. publication information, Inc., Portland, OR"

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But his interpretations of Soviet motives are based on Soviet concepts of merging the age-old and intuitive traditions of Russian political and military thinking with those elements of Marxism which are acceptable to Soviet leaders who rule their country as a modern global Superpower. To put it another way, these motives and methods have to be relevant to political leaders who as Russian Foreword xxxiii ideologists have added 'Leninism' to the 'Marxism' which they inherited from the early revolutionaries.

But if Soviet thinking is to be understood in its own terms, so must the language and idiom of political and military thought. Expressions such as 'the correlation of forces', 'peaceful co-existence' and 'military doctrine' have precise meanings, not easily translated into Western terms. In the military sphere, it is worth noting that the restricted and specialist literature (such as the General Staff journal, Military Thought) reflects the more distinctive and discordant themes of policy as much as more public pronouncements.

2 Foundations of Power: Resources The results of production should increase more quickly than expenditure upon it. D. F. Ustinov, July 1984 The economy must become economic. L. I. Brezhnev, March 1981 The Soviet Union will survive its economic difficulties, but it is unlikely to surmount them. Twenty-five years ago, such a prognosis would have astounded many. In the wake of Sputnik a large number of observers, sympathetic and hostile, were convinced that the USSR's technical and scientific prowess, and the planning system which underpinned it, posed a profound challenge to the West's values, institutions and international standing.

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