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By Kaushik Roy

This booklet provides a accomplished survey of war in India as much as the purpose the place the British started to dominate the sub-continent. It discusses concerns similar to how a ways used to be the rather cold nature of pre-British Indian conflict the made from stateless Indian society? How a ways did know-how be sure the dynamics of conflict in India? Did war during this interval have a selected Indian nature and was once it ritualistic? The ebook considers land war together with sieges, naval war, the effect of horses, elephants and gunpowder, and the variations made by way of the arriving of Muslim rulers and by way of the inflow of different international affects and methods. The ebook concludes by means of arguing that the presence of status specialist armies supported by means of centralised bureaucratic states were underemphasised within the background of India.

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143 At Thermopylae, Leonidas had 4,000 men (including 300 Spartiates). 144 After the Persian naval defeat at Salamis, Xerxes' army started its withdrawal and marched out through Boeotia. 146 At Plataea, Mardonius deployed the Persians against the Spartans. 147 The Persian infantry was defeated at Plataea because they lacked body armour like the hoplites and were not trained to fight in ordered formation. 149 Hanson in an article asserts that between the sixth and fifth centuries, Greek infantry warfare was changing slowly.

Partly this was due to extinction of the elephants due to environmental factors. 122 The successful Magadhan campaigns against the neighbouring states witnessed two military technological innovations/MTRs. One was the rathamusala and another was the mahasilakantika. The mahasilakantika was a huge catapult designed to throw stones and rocks against enemy fortifications. The rathamusala was a chariot with knives protruding outwards attached either to the chariot's body or to the spoke of the wheel.

157 In fact, Macedonia was ideal horse country with its broad, well-watered pastures and fields. Philip's force was comprised of the Foot Companions and the Companion Cavalry. The Companion Cavalry was divided into permanent squadrons. The depth of the phalanx was increased from eight to 16 men. The traditional phalanx comprising of Greek citizens was a militia and could not manoeuver once it had been set into motion. However, Philip's men were able to manoeuver efficientlybecause the phalanx was organized into permanent regiments of 1,500 men each.

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