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By Friedrich Pfeiffer, Teresa Zielinska

The e-book describes the result of learn into the residing global, that have been carried out in the sort of manner as to supply suggestion to engineering layout of strolling machines. The organic subject matters are provided in a sort that's intelligible to engineers and will be utilized within the layout of mechanical units. The textual content additionally introduces the layout difficulties which are encountered in the course of prototyping of particular robots. this data presents perception to biologists drawn to easy actual homes of locomotion.

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1054), a view which is familiar to all morphologists since D'Arcy Thompson (1917). The second aspect are the ,spandrels of San Marco" (Gould and Lewontin, 1979), which have been introduced into biology to point to features arising by nonadaptive processes, or as simple consequences of design and growth criteria (technical architecture). Adaptation in its proper sense is therefore restricted to the functional vertex. The historical vertex has acted before, and for the structural vertex it is open to debate.

75 c) d) 0 0 Figure 42. s J-----==---l.. & c) d) 0 0 Figure 43. Asymmetric gaits: a) canter, b) gallop, c) rotary gallop, d) pronk Biological Aspects of Locomotion 27 Quadrupeds use symmetric gaits in slow locomotion and asymmetric at higher speeds. Taking into account duty factor and the relative phase it is possible to distinguish 8 main gait groups. Figure 42 lists symmetric gaits and Figure 43 - asymmetric ones. Hildebrand observed 167 symmetric horse gaits (Hildebrand M. (1965)). In his classification he considered The duty factor of a selected hind leg and relative phase for fore and hind legs belonging to one side of the body.

Biological patterns shall be nHed as the suggestions in the search of effective technical design. they can be applied. or modified or even rejected. l\IcN. The Gaits of Bipedal and QuadTupedal Animals. 49-50. 1984. A. The Metaphorical Brain . John \Viley, 1972. Beer RD. Intelligence as Adaptive Behavior·. An ExpeT"iments in Comp'Utational Neuroethology, Academic Press Inc. 1990. l\1. Fast, Cheap and Out of Contml: A. Robot Invas·ion of the Solar System. J. ~h Intr:Tplanetary Society. 4 78-485. 1989.

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