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By Elke Brendel; Jörg Meibauer; Markus Steinbach

Reviews at the nature of citation became a subject of starting to be curiosity between linguists and philosophers of language. what's the functionality and logical prestige of quotations? How can an research of citation support to strengthen a normal concept of the semantics-pragmatics interface? This quantity is a set of unique papers through best researchers within the box on such matters and comparable linguistic and philosophical Read more...

content material: Preface; individuals tothisvolume; Exploring the that means of citation; Attitudes towards citation; fact worth speak with out citation; Disquotational oblique experiences in concentration; Behabitive stories; Double-duty citation, traditional Implicatures and what's stated; What Quotations confer with; citation Marks and types of that means. Arguments in desire of a realistic Account; citation and Pictoriality; The Punctuation conception of citation; Misrepresenting Misrepresentation; Dogmas on citation; Reporting and Quoting in Signed Discourse; The Act of Quotation

what's the functionality and logical prestige of quotations? and the way can an research of citation aid to strengthen a common idea of the semantics-pragmatics interface? this can be a number of original Read more...

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By describing the current as one which goes northward on its western side and southward on the east. However if we accept Quine’s and Davidson’s disclaimers, then it is not at all clear what is shared between, on the one hand, the state of a mouse who fears the attack of a cat (or a human who fears the attack of a lion), and on the other, a sentence or utterance. Consider again Davidson’s remark from the quote above: When I say, ‘Jones believes that snow is white’ I describe Jones’s state of mind directly: it is indeed the state of mind someone is in who could honestly assert ‘Snow is white’ if he spoke English, but that may be a state a languageless creature could also be in.

Exploring the Meaning of Quotation 33 Smullyan, Raymond M. 1957 Languages in which self reference is possible. In: Journal of Symbolic Logic 22: 55–67. Smullyan, Raymond M. 1987 Quotation and self-reference. J. Bartlett and P. ), 122–144. Dordrecht: Martinus Nijhoff. Stainton, Robert 1999 Remarks on the syntax and semantics of mixed quotation. In Philosophy of Linguistics, K. Murasugu and R. ), 259–278. Boulder: Westview. Steinbach, Markus 2007 Integrated parentheticals and assertional complements.

And indeed that may be true, but the fact remains that our minds create those attitudes, and it is much more plausible to assume that they do it using elements which they are acquainted with, than that they do it using elements which they are not acquainted with. 5. Concluding remarks The main point of this paper has been to argue (a) that quotational analyses of propositional attitudes of the kind proposed by Quine and Davidson will only tell us something about the attitudes if languageless creatures don’t have them, and (b) that there is good reason to think that languageless creatures do indeed have propositional attitudes.

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