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The Bog People, Faber and Faber, London, p. 142 GODWIN, H. (1960). The history of weeds in Britain, in The Biology of Weeds (ed. J. L. Harper), Blackwell, Oxford, p. 256 32 Theory and Practice of Weed Contral HANSON, N. S. (1959). Chemical weed control in Hawaii, Proceedings 10th Congress of the International Society of Sugar Cane Techno/ogists, pp. 538-549 HARPER, j. L. (1956). The evolution of weeds in relation to resistance to herbicides, Praceedings 3rd British Weed Control Conference, pp. 176-188 HARPER, j.

The potential for a parallel situation exists with the small fruited melon or Dudaim (Cucumis me/o var. dudaim) which is already a serious weed of asparagus in the Imperial Valley of California, and could become a threat to edible melon (Cucumis me/o var. reticulata) production, both as a weed and as a source of contaminating pollen in melon seed production. Strenuous efforts are being made to prevent the dissemination of the small weed melon fruits or pepos (Chapter 4). 1 The weed families of plants When weeds are defined as plants in the wrong place, it follows that any kind of plant, including crops, can at some time qualify for weed status.

Seeds of Creeping Thistle (Cirsium arvense) can germinate and begin a fresh infestation but this dioecious species appears not to produce seed prolifically and spread is mainly by growth and dispersal of buds produced on the brittle swollen roots. In Common Couch (Agropyron repens) the relative importance of reproduction by seed and by rhizomes is less obvious. Couch Grass is self-sterile, pollen from another clone being essential for fertilisation to occur. Seed set is therefore variable, being high only when two or more clones grow The Origins, Dispersal and Characteristics of Weeds 29 fairly close together.

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