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By S. A. Paipetis

The impressive money owed of just about smooth technological achievements present in the Homeric Epics represent one of many so-called Homeric matters. The query is whether or not such achievements existed in fact or whether or not they have been simply poetic conceptions. either perspectives have their fans and adversaries. for instance, robots, both in human shape, because the golden ladies serving Hephaestus, or in animal shape, because the gold and silver mastiffs of King Alcinous, or maybe the clever, self-propelled ships of the Phaeacins, may perhaps hardly ever have existed in an period for which no facts or maybe tricks of top movers exist. having said that, such references turn out that the Mycenaean humans have been good conscious of the significance of such units, and this definitely acts as a catalyst for technological growth. at the othe hand, along with the unparallelled construction skill of the Mycenaeans, as is the case with the Cyclopean partitions, expertise experts might find examples of constructions so complex, that they are often thought of sleek with reference to fabrics, layout and manufacture. nonetheless, those will be good in the chances of the period. actually, you can quite kingdom, that, if the Mycenaean Civilisation had no longer collapsed, the area historical past of know-how will be completely different. From the contents of the current e-book, a normal end could be drawn. The Homeric Epics contain clinical and technological wisdom so titanic and so diversified that it needs to be studied through experts from as many disciplines as attainable and in addition that this seek needs to proceed in addition to progressing technology in our time, with a view to let for more and more deeper figuring out of the nice achievements of Greek Prehistory.

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18 Angelica Kauffman: Venus induces Helen to fall in love with Paris, The State Hermitage Museum, St. Petersburg (photograph © The State Hermitage Museum, reproduced by permission). of Sparta. Her sister, Clytemnestra, daughter of Tyndareus, got married to Agamemnon, king of Argos and brother of Menelaus, and the most powerful leader in Greece. Paris, now a royal prince, travelled to Sparta as ambassador of Troy, while Menelaus was away. 19 Alecos Fassianos: Flight of Helen with Paris, artist’s personal collection (reproduced by permission).

V. 2 Jean-Charles Cazin (1841–1901): Odysseus shipwrecked, Tate Gallery, London (reproduced by permission). all of his companions. 1). 5). 6). 7). Odysseus, with unrivalled bravery and fighting ability equal to his wisdom and resourcefulness, exterminated the suitors. 4 Alecos Fassianos: the Sirens (private collection, reproduced by Odysseus and Calypso (private colpermission). lection, reproduced by permission). 5 Anatole Calmems (1822–1906): Calypso. 6 Michele Desubleo (1602–1676): Odysseus and Nausicaa.

As a point of temporal and historical reference, he choose central Europe of 19th and 20th centuries, who had to go through the incredible terror of the Middle Ages as well as of wars and revolutions, to arrive eventually at the modern democratic kind of government. But, as it is well known, all this pre-existed in the classical antiquity. In the same way that in the mind of the Greek of antiquity Aristotle’s logic and Plato’s metaphysics co-existed. And, as far as the specific subject is concerned, it is obvious that “in parallel to the important artistic activity of the mind, the latter was also aiming at conceiving the essence of real world as objectively and accurately as possible”.

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