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By Nancy Bonvillain

Examines the Teton Sioux or 'plains dwellers' resided in now North and South Dakota. They have been popular for his or her exchange with neighborhood tribes. The surroundings -- Teton methods of dwelling -- assembly the problem of switch -- The concern keeps -- A dream denied -- looking a brand new means -- modern matters -- Tetons within the twenty-first century

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More than three hundred were killed, later to be buried in a mass grave. Two-thirds of the victims were women and children. Big Foot also died in the attack. S. Army at Wounded Knee, South Dakota, on December 29, 1890. q 8/19/04 2:38 PM Page 59 A Dream Denied they went along up the ravine for a long distance they were pursued on both sides by the soldiers and shot down, as the dead bodies showed afterwards. The women were standing off at a different place from where the men were stationed, and when the firing began, those of the men who escaped the first onslaught went in one direction up the ravine, and then the women, who were bunched together at another place, went entirely in a different direction through an open field, and the women fared the same fate as the men who went up the deep ravine.

The other half was sold to American settlers. S. government. The government further negated the treaty by threatening to cut off supplies of rations to the Tetons when they continued to resist accepting allotments. Indeed, officials reduced by half the amount of rations given in the late 1880s and early 1890s. Many Tetons lived on the brink of starvation and many died, owing both to lack of food and to general debilitation and malnutrition. Adding to the calamity, a severe drought occurred during the same period, resulting in the loss of crops grown by some Teton families.

S. Army to abandon its forts along the Bozeman Trail after leading numerous assaults on the army’s garrisons. As a result, the Fort Laramie Treaty was signed in 1868, granting the Tetons control of western South Dakota, including the sacred Black Hills. power relations between the government and Native peoples. q 8/19/04 2:34 PM Page 37 Meeting the Challenge of Change then the federal commissioner of Indian affairs. S. policies and actions regarding American Indians. In the Fort Laramie Treaty of 1851, the Lakotas were forced by their circumstances to agree to a reduction in the size of their lands in present-day South Dakota.

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