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By Michael Baigent

Coauthors of Holy Blood, Holy Grail Michael Baigent and Richard Leigh recount the occasions that ended in the unusual and surprising disappearance of the Knights Templar within the fourteenth century and their reappearance within the courtroom of excommunicate Scottish king Robert the Bruce. Following the survival of convinced unforeseen Templar traditions, the authors rfile the evolution of a world-changing order in the course of the start of the Masonic inn. They chart the heritage of Freemasonry via its medieval roots and into the fashionable era.

The booklet posits that the order’s contribution to the fostering of tolerance, revolutionary values, and harmony in English society aided in preempting a French-style revolution in England; that Freemasonry used to be an important keystone within the formation of the usa; and that the US itself is an embodiment of the perfect “Masonic Republic.” This groundbreaking thread of research demanding situations the authorized traditions of Western background because it is at present taught. what's the precise resource of our so much valued traditions? two decades on the grounds that its unique booklet, The Temple and the Lodge is still a trenchant and crucial version to any assortment of Western history.

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Nevertheless, certain important facts did emerge. We learned from Marion Campbell, for example, that the stones in the churchyard at Kilmartin had not originally been situated there. Some had been inside the church – or, rather, inside a much earlier church. Others had been scattered throughout the surrounding countryside and only later relocated. We also learned that Kilmartin was not the only such graveyard in the region. In fact, there were no fewer than sixteen. But Kilmartin did seem to have the greatest concentration of older stones, marked by the anonymous straight sword.

The graves at Kilmartin seemed to offer their own mute but eloquent testimony to an ongoing development – to bear witness to a story spanning four centuries, from the beginning of the fourteenth to the beginning of the eighteenth. In the pub that evening, we attempted to decipher the chronicle in the stones. Could we really have stumbled upon an enclave of refugee Templars who, on the dissolution of their Order, had found a haven in what was then the wilderness of Argyll? Might they have taken in yet more refugees from abroad?

The second, on which virtually everyone agreed, was that these earlier carvings dated from the beginning of the fourteenth century – the time of Robert the Bruce in Scotland and the suppression of the Knights Templar elsewhere in Europe. The third conclusion was that the graves with the anonymous straight sword represented a new style, a new development, in the region, which had appeared suddenly and inexplicably, although Templar holdings elsewhere had been using the design prior to its sudden appearance in Argyll.

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