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The tale Manned house Stations. An creation КНИГИ ;ВОЕННАЯ ИСТОРИЯ Издательство: Springer & Praxis PublishingАвтор(ы): Philip BakerЯзык: EnglishГод издания: 2007Количество страниц: 183ISBN: 978-0-387-30775-6Формат: pdf OCR HQРазмер: 27.6 mb swift fifty one

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The Soviets ®nally enjoyed some success with the launch of Salyut 3, a station of the Almaz design, in June 1974. The OPS-2 space station really was a reconnaissance platform, for it housed a massive 6-meter camera in its main compartment and had a capsule for the high-resolution ®lm to be returned to Earth independently of the crew. In all 14 cameras were to be used on board. The other notable feature of this station was the modi®ed aircraft machine gun that was mounted near the front port for station defence!

Careful analysis of fragments detected in orbit, showed that three days after the launch of the OPS-1 the upper stage of the Proton rocket that had delivered the station apparently exploded as a result of pressure changes in its tanks resulting from overheating. The stage carried about one tonne of unspent propellant, and the explosion created a cloud of debris in the proximity of the station. The speed of some debris di€ered from that of OPS-1 by as much as 300 m s À1 . Eight days later, a piece of this orbital junk apparently hit the station.

It would probably have not been immediately apparent to the cosmonauts that the valve had opened; and even if it had, the 24 The Story of Manned Space Stations Soyuz 11 undocks from Salyut 1 (computer image) valve was not easily accessible by the crew, although there was evidence to suggest that they had tried to stem the ¯ow of air from their craft. This failure would not have been a problem except for one important fact, the crew did not have pressure suits; Soyuz crews simply wore ¯ight overalls.

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