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Who used to be the 1st individual to dine in area? How lengthy used to be the Wright brothers's first profitable flight? What well-known plane used to be named after a grape-flavored delicate drink? What toy in line with an lively movie observed astronauts on a trip project in 2000? those questions and lots of extra are replied in The Smithsonian ebook of Air & area Trivia. as well as the canon of house and aviation info, the pages are illustrated with greater than one hundred twenty five items from the Smithsonian nationwide Air and area Museum's collections.

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Just as important, but in a much more sobering way, aviation and space flight have made war more destructive. So destructive, in fact, that in some instances the new technologies have raised the stakes high enough to actually prevent global conflict, although regional struggles still flourish with unfortunate regularity. Today, air power is a key to victory in most conflicts. This revolution is not just a tale of technology; more importantly, it is a story of people, of groups and individuals, of companies and nations.

Per hour. To get into space, a rocket must overcome the pull of Earth’s gravity. ) per second. This is called escape velocity. On March 3, 1959, Pioneer 4 was the first American spacecraft to escape from the Earth’s gravitational influence and go in orbit around the Sun. Q: What allow TV meteorologists to track the weather? A: Weather satellites. Weather satellites circle the Earth in geosynchronous orbit, which means they orbit the equatorial plane of the Earth at a speed matching the Earth’s rotation.

These technological innovations and the people who made and tested them have played a critical role in forming the modern world and will remain equally vital in shaping our future. So the next time you fly off on business or vacation, or watch a live broadcast of your favorite sports team, or navigate your way home, thank the Wright brothers and the aerospace pioneers who followed them. John R. Dailey Director National Air and Space Museum 1 Pioneers of Air and Space The Famous and the First “For some years I have been afflicted with the belief that flight is possible to man.

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