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By Hermann Oberth, Trevor C. Sorensen, Joachim Kehr, Michael L. Ciancone, Peter A. J. Englert

For all being drawn to astronautics, this translation of Hermann Oberth's vintage paintings is a very ancient occasion. Readers should be inspired with this amazing pioneer and his fantastic fulfillment. In a comparatively brief paintings of 1923, Hermann Oberth laid down the mathematical legislation governing rocketry and spaceflight, and he provided sensible layout issues in response to these legislation.

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The rocket passes through this layer with a given velocity v, and its momentum increases by a prescribed amount (m · dv). In doing so it, in any case, suffers a loss of mass (dm). Now, at what velocity will dm become a minimum? In order to pass through the layer, the rocket needs the time and we have [according to (2)]: (2a) m · dv and ds are predefined, thus constant, and we obtain through differentiation with respect to v: (3) For my rocket, c has a maximum value, which is limited for technical reasons.

From this T1 is calculated. In the preceding approach, the ratio between fuel and oxygen is determined by the chemical relationships. Thus, for example, 46 g ethyl alcohol binds with 96 g oxygen, or 8 g oxygen with 1 g hydrogen. So if we have computed T1 we can use this formula to determine the ratio between the fuel and coolant. In order to vaporize H kilograms of liquid hydrogen at -253° C and bring it to the reduced absolute temperature T1, one must supply (if T1 lies far above the boiling point).

4. Under certain economic conditions, the construction of such machines may even become profitable. Such conditions might arise within a few decades. In the present document I intend to prove these four statements. First, I will derive some formulas, which will give us the necessary theoretical insights into the functioning and performance of these machines. In a second part I will show that their construction is technically feasible, and finally in a third part I will discuss the potential of this invention.

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