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By Lawrence Shannon

REV. SHANNON exposes, for the 1st time, the scary fact at the back of relationship and the marriage-\divorce in the US.

At final in those pages, the decade's serious masterpiece of social observation - the underground vintage - is offered to discerning readers.

Dedicated to people who have covered their wallet with spoils from the most important camouflaged rip-off within the heritage of the unfastened international: Marriage.

Victims of the predatory girl are strewn all around the kingdom, writing alimony assessments, getting better from gunshot wounds, treating cat scratches, attempting to see their young children, paying attorney's charges, picking out during the detritus in their lives, and suffering to get over ruined years. optimistically, through listening to the screams from contained in the good, we will stay away from falling in ourselves

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If she doesn't respect you, she's useless. She is capable of foundering (eating herself to death) . She will often behave irrationally and can do you both great injury. Marrying her would be a huge mistake. 33 A Lie, Is A Lie, Is A Lie Q. Does a predatory female ever tell the truth? A. Only when it suits her acquisitive purposes . Where lies are concerned, the pred­ atory female is a long ball hitter. Biblically, the first lie ever told was to a female. This female, Eve, was given personal instruction by Satan.

The predatory female loves to utilize the ancient Arabic principle that once a camel gets its head into the tent, getting the rest of the beast inside is easy. You not only have to consider the pandemonium and possi­ ble destruction that goes with the camel in the 50 tent, but the uproar and damages attendant in getting her out. Remember, there' s no such thing as a free lunch. You' ll pay, one way or the other, even if it' s just with your peace of mind . Snip Q. Does the predatory female possess a sub­ conscious desire to geld the male?

3) Preda­ tory females are patently lazy. They' ll drive around a parking lot, forever searching out a slot next to the entrance, to avoid walking a few extra feet. They put their suitcases on lit­ tle carts when traveling, despite spending more effort wrestling the carts than simply carrying the suitcases . They pull plugs out by the cords, leave the lids off containers, and refuse to read instructions or manuals accom­ panying technical devices or equipment. Jaws Q. How do predatory females compare with sharks?

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