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By M. Weaver-Hightower

This e-book explores boy-focused schooling coverage and the way various educators fight to enforce or face up to it of their faculties. Weaver-Hightower examines masculinity politics in Australia and the U.S., mapping how those politics create panic over elevating and instructing boys the “Right” way.  Contextualizing this coverage with pursuits for boys’ schooling around the globe, this publication deals revolutionary recommendations for resisting conservative, regressive, anti-feminist courses for boys. 

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This presents feminist reforms with a significant challenge, for, to change equity indicators now, thus excluding boys, may seem to the public—rather than an evolving realization of the nuances of gender’s effects—to be self-serving and cynical, or at least “out of touch” within an international context of high-stakes testing and accountability. A fourth major prompt for the boy turn has been the rise of the New Right—the conservative restoration since the 1980s’ ascendance of Thatcher in the United Kingdom and Reagan in the United States—and neoliberal reforms in education.

12 Economic worries, too, have followed boys. In many countries, of course, men hold most of the high-profile jobs in finance, technology, industry, and government, and men continue to earn, on average, more than women for the same work. Nevertheless, unemployment often affects men more, men’s relative wages are decreasing (see chapter 6), and many “first world” economies are seeing marked declines in traditional sectors 20 / politics of policy in boys’ education of male employment, such as manufacturing.

Relationship to England At this writing, Australia is still a British colony, with the true head of state being the Monarch of England. Of course, Australia’s current relationship 32 / politics of policy in boys’ education with the United States rivals its relationship with England, but its ties to England are in many ways deeper and more structural. While in practice Australia oversees its own affairs through its own Parliament, and while movements are afoot to sever ties to England (a republicanism measure nearly passed in 1999), this independence has mainly been illusory and partial.

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