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By Roy Kamphausen, David Lai, Andrew Scobell

The chapters awarded during this quantity have verified first, chinese language and PLA leaders have a robust experience of project and hindrance for China’s safeguard and health. moment, the PLA is devoted to the transformation in army affairs with chinese language features. 3rd, the PLA is keen to profit from the U.S. army to extend and increase its operational features. ultimately, the PLA has made development in its transformation and operational services. for a very long time, American leaders were stunned with the PLA’s advances. This quantity (and a few of the prior volumes from previous PLA meetings) convey that those advances didn't pop out of the blue. even supposing a lot of the training and plenty of of the advancements are nonetheless faraway from what's wanted (from chinese language expectancies and American critiques), and a few of the training has even created contradictions for the PLA, those chronic and diligent studying practices will ultimately deliver the PLA to the next point of skillability in its features. The emergence of a way more refined PLA within the coming years shouldn't be a shock.

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See Zhu Zhijiang (朱之江), “论非战争军事行动” (“On MOOTW”), 南京政治学院学报 (Journal of PLA Nanjing Institute of Politics), Vol. 19, No. 5, 2003. 31. Jin Yinan (金一南), “非战争军事行动’成中国军事力量应用 的重要方式” (“‘MOOTW’ has become an important method for the use of Chinese military power”), 中国青年报 (Chinese Youth Daily), August 1, 2008. 42 32. See PLA Daily Reports, “兵马未动,法规先行” (“Before Setting the War Machine in Motion, Establish Rules and Regulations”), “让法规先行成为常态” (“Let Laws and Regulations Become the Basic Requirements”), and so on, March 18, 2009.

The PLA and PAP would presumably draw on the tactics and techniques that they have developed to prevent, contain, and suppress such unrest. In addition, PLA commentators generally draw direct parallels between the experience and lessons of their MOOTW and their wartime mobilization and operations. For example, PLA officer Yang Jinkui (杨金奎) writes in the PLA Daily that the PLA should reflect on what might happen if severe weather coincided with war. 37 Other PLA analysts look at natural disaster rescue operations as a variety of joint operations.

The change in this fundamental relationship between the CCP and PLA is making its subtle impact on such important matters such as the selection of the next generation of civil and military leaders and China’s dealing with the Taiwan issue. The two authors point out that by embarking on building professionalism as a key organizational objective, the PLA will develop its own corporate identity and logic of operational autonomy. S. policymakers assess the long-term prospects for China’s civil-military relations, the possiblity remains that dichotomous CCP-PLA institutional imperatives may create fault zones in the Party’s control of the gun.

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