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By E. Marsch, H.-J. Fahr, K. Scherer, H. Fichtner

The 11th COSPAR colloquium The Outer Heliosphere: the subsequent Frontiers used to be held in Potsdam, Germany, from 24-28 July, 2000, and is the second one devoted to this topic after the 1st one held in Warsaw, Poland in 1989.Roughly a century has handed after the 1st rules via Oliver hotel, George Francis Fitzgerald and Kristan Birkeland approximately particle clouds emanating from the solar and interacting with the Earth setting. just a couple of a long time after the formula of the strategies of a continual sunlight corpuscular radiation by means of Ludwig Bierman and a sunlight wind through Eugene Parker, heliospheric physics has advanced into an enormous department of astrophysical examine. various spacecraft missions have elevated the information in regards to the heliosphere drastically. Now, in the beginning of a brand new millenium it sort of feels attainable, by means of newly constructed propulasion applied sciences to ship a spacecraft past the bounds of the heliosphere. Such an Interstellar Proce will begin the in-situ exploration of interstellar house and, therefore, could be regarded as the 1st real astrophysical spacecraft. The 12 months 2000 a hugely welcome occassion to check the achievements because the final COSPAR Colloquia eleven years in the past, to summarize the current advancements and to provide new impulse for destiny actions in heliospheric examine.

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