Download The official new features guide to Sybase ASE 15 by Brian Taylor, Naresh Adurty, Steve Bradley, Carrie King PDF

By Brian Taylor, Naresh Adurty, Steve Bradley, Carrie King Taylor

This publication specializes in the numerous improvements in Sybase ASE 15 together with method management improvements, function-based indexes, computed columns, scrollable cursors, galaxy optimizer, question plan, galaxy walls, a number of tempdb, MDA tables, andn Plan Viewer.

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Scrollable cursors can also ease or speed the development process by replacing supplemental middleware or client tools used to manipulate a cached result set. Chapter 4 describes how to create a scrollable cursor, explains how to manipulate a scrollable cursor, and discusses the global variables associated with a scrollable cursor. 6 | Chapter 1: Exploring the Sybase Galaxy Additionally, Sybase ASE 15 introduces cursor sensitivity. Cursor sensitivity relates to the ability of ASE to allow changes to data underlying a cursor to be represented in the cursor’s result set.

The above example demonstrates where the database is mapped to a device on which the logsegment has space available to expand. The output from the errorlog indicates the device logspace1 had free space remaining on which to expand. Recommendation: Use the automatic database expansion feature of ASE with caution. Automatically expanding a database is not always the best solution for dealing with space utilization. As opposed to automatic expansion of a database, often data may need to be archived or deleted from a system, or perhaps a long-running transaction needs to be flushed from ASE.

Additionally, Job Scheduler can be installed manually after the ASE server is built. Please see Chapter 12 for installation of the Job Scheduler through the Sybase installation GUI. Additionally, the installation methods and creation of jobs are well outlined in Sybase’s Job Scheduler User’s Guide. Chapter 2: System Maintenance Improvements | 19 With the Job Scheduler, it is important to note the scheduler is backwardly compatible between versions of ASE, to a degree. x ASE server when launched from a JS within ASE 15.

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