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Winner of Disney’s iParenting Media Award for top Product “Easy naptime ideas that truly work--without any tears.” Kathy Lynn, President, Parenting at the present time “Naps: little ones want them. mom and dad wish them. listed below are the instruments to cause them to happen.” Maureen A. Doolan Boyle, govt Director, such a lot (Mothers of Supertwins), Inc. Does your baby: nap basically on your palms, a sling, a swing, or the auto? require difficult rituals prior to slumbering? get fussy, act cranky, or have tantrums as a result of loss of sleep? take very brief naps--or none in any respect? Naps are very important to a kid's temper, wellbeing and fitness, and improvement. The No-Cry Nap resolution provide you with a confirmed formulation to permit your child, baby, or preschooler to get day-by-day restorative relaxation. you will research mild, loving, tear-free ideas, built through world-renowned parenting professional Elizabeth Pantley and verified through countless numbers of households world wide, sure to assist you: persuade any baby to nap on a daily basis easily settle your baby for naptime in his or her personal mattress flip brief, fitful naps into lengthy, peaceable ones identify a sleep agenda that works for you and your baby simply adapt nap exercises in your kid's constructing wishes expectantly take care of surprising alterations, nap moves, and commute

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As the day progresses and the sleep pressure builds, a child becomes fussier, whinier, and less flexible. He has more crying spells, more tantrums, and less patience. He loses concentration and the ability to learn new information. ” As a child progresses through his day, his biology demands a nap so he can regroup. Without a nap break, the homeostatic pressure continues building until the end of the day, growing in intensity, so that a child becomes overtired, wired, and unable to stop the explosion.

Stage of Sleep Description Approximate Length of Time* Presleep Drowsy Varies å Stage 1 Drifting off, very light sleep 5 to 15 minutes Prepares body for sleep Reduces feelings of sleepiness å Stage 2 Light to moderate sleep 5 to 15 minutes Increases alertness Improves motor skills Stabilizes mood Slightly reduces homeostatic sleep pressure å Stage 3 Deep sleep 5 to 15 minutes å Strengthens memory and immune system Releases growth hormone Repairs bones, tissues, and muscles Regulates appetite Releases stress and restores energy Reduces homeostatic sleep pressure Stage 4 Deepest sleep 5 to 15 minutes Same benefits as Stage 3, but enhanced Return to Stage 3 Deep sleep 3 to 10 minutes Same as Stage 3 above Return to Stage 2 Light to moderate sleep 3 to 10 minutes Same as Stage 2 above å å Benefits of Stage 12 Nap Magic Benefits Derived at Each Stage of the Sleep Cycle å Dreaming 9 to 30 minutes Transfers short-term memory to long-term Secures new learning Enhances brain connections Sharpens visual and perceptual skills Processes emotions and relieves stress Inspires creativity and boosts energy Reduces homeostatic sleep pressure å Stage 2 Light to moderate sleep 5 to 15 minutes Same as Stage 2 above å Stage 3 Deep sleep 5 to 15 minutes Same as Stage 3 above Stage 4 Deepest sleep 5 to 15 minutes Same as Stage 4 above Stage 3 Deep sleep 5 to 15 minutes Same as Stage 3 above Stage 2 Light to moderate sleep 5 to 15 minutes Same as Stage 2 above Second REM stage** Dreaming 20 to 60 minutes Same as REM stage above å å å å *Add the minutes of each stage together for total naptime.

The daily schedule log will help you see how the rest of your child’s day unfolds. This gives you a broader perspective, since other factors in your child’s day will also affect his napping, and since his napping likely affects his night sleep and vice versa. These logs will direct you toward your best naptime solutions and help you monitor your progress. Sleep Plan Questions Take a minute to review the logs you’ve created, the chart of sleep hours on page 8, and the information in Part 1, “Nap Magic,” and answer the following questions: How many hours of nighttime sleep should your child be getting?

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