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By Linda Blood

A former cult member provides a chilling expose+a7 of the growing to be global of Satanism, discussing its hyperlink to crime, together with baby abuse situations, drug dealing, pornography, right-wing fanaticism, prostitution, and homicide.

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I figured people would get the bone someplace other than by killing a person," he averred. " Indeed, LaVey's misanthropy is so pervasive that he finds disasters depressing because not enough people die! LaVey's chief rival, Temple of Set founder Michael Aquino, is his stylistic opposite. In 1968 Aquino, a former national commander of the Eagle Scouts Honor Society, would have seemed an unlikely candidate for future head of the foremost satanic organization in America. S. Army lieutenant, already a specialist in intelligence and psychological warfare, seemed destined instead for a respectable, distinguished military career.

The police arrested the whole family—Bosse and her daughter and two sons, found sleeping together in a big bed. ) One of the next to be picked up was a jeweler's wife by the name of Catherine Deshayes Monvoisin, popularly known as La Voisin. She had turned her house into a magnet for the high society of Paris by practicing fortune-telling, selling beauty preparations, and engaging in celebration of the Catholic Mass to further the ends of black magic. Initiated into the occult arts at age nine by her mother, she was adept at concocting aphrodisiacs and abortifacients.

It was Aleister Crowley's "Do What Thou Wilt Shall Be the Whole of the Law" decked out as a Halloween party, just another bizarre outcropping of the California counterculture. The media dismissed LaVey as a harmless con artist but nevertheless flocked to cover his flashily staged "satanic" events. This, of course, was exactly the point. In black magic, the power of a myth, ritual, or organization lies not in its "authenticity" but in its ability to capture the attention of its participants and its audience.

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