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By John D. Early

Mayan ethnographer John Early examines the centuries-long hypothesis approximately why the ritual calendars of the Mayan Indians in Guatemala and the areas of Chiapas and Yucatan in Mexico revolve round gala's in honor of the Catholic saints. in the course of those gala's, on the insistence of the Maya, a Catholic priest involves their villages to have fun mass and baptize newborns. Refuting the often-repeated thesis of a “spiritual conquest” via the Spaniards or their post-colonial successors during which the Maya have been switched over to Christianity, Early argues that the Maya establish with Catholicism regardless of their failure to embody the faith in any orthodox experience. the writer explains the ambiguity by means of exhibiting that, as is usually the case in conversion makes an attempt, the Maya tailored components of Catholicism into their current beliefs.
            Drawing on ancient and ethnographic fabrics to find the cultural logics with which the Maya interpret their ritual habit, Early deals a close description of all of the components of the Mayan fairs for the saints and of the pre-Columbian Maya worldview approximately rituals and the theological thoughts in the back of them. contemplating the sixteenth-century worldview of the Spanish royalty, the conquistadors, and the Catholic monks to bare the Spanish frame of mind prior to and through their encounters with the Maya, the writer additionally cites the testimony of the Maya.
            Early presents a different synthesis of archaeological, historic, ethnographic, and theological information that exhibits using Catholic components is totally comprehensible by way of the conventional Mayan worldview courting from pre-Columbian times.

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At each level, an individual usually occupies an office for one year in the ceremonial center, then returns to his cornfield or other occupation and may assume a higher office in a future year. 2 The two highest levels of the system are the two alcaldes and four regidores, divided into pairs by the designation of older and younger brother. These two groups together are known as the moletik, the acting elders of the community. They are in charge of community ritual and the cargo system. They are assisted by two scribes who know how to read and write in Spanish.

The town held meetings to plan the festival of the town’s patron saint. Although supposedly preparatory, these meetings tended to turn into festive occasions accompanied by the heavy drinking characteristic of many festivals. A drunken group decided to continue the meetings and attempted to obtain more liquor from a ladino merchant but were refused. The crowd killed him in a rage. The next morning the visiting Catholic priest arrived. As he was celebrating mass, the intoxicated crowd jammed into the church intending to kill him.

The moletik have collected money from the people to pay for the festival, gone to San Cristóbal to invite the priest to Zinacantán for the mass, and paid the customary stipend for his services. For the Maya the important features of the mass are the priest wearing the colorful vestments, using lit candles, and offering bread and wine while reciting the necessary prayers from a large book, the missal, in the home of the saints. The writer recalls a festival Mayan Festivals for the Saints / 39 when the priest did not appear when he was supposed to.

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