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By Jean-Marie Bompard; André J G H Kostermans

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Not or not yet found in Sulawesi. Ecology. Marshy places, temporarily inundated areas, river levees, along marshy lakes, often gregarious; tropical ever wet lowland forest. Fruit distributed by water and over large distances perhaps by hornbills and flying foxes. THE SPECIES 31 Vernacular names. Thajat (= mango) or thy-ni (thee-nee), thayet pya (Burma); xoài bui (xoài = mango) (S. Vietnam); ? xoài so'm (S. Vietnam, Dong Nai); reba or riba (Khmer-Mon language, Cambodia); svaay miëhs (Cambodia); ka du pae, ma muang paan - probably paa which means wild - (Pen.

Wood straw-coloured to red. 5-6 cm, slightly tapered and obscurely acuminate base acute or cuneate; both surfaces under the lens distinctly rather densely minutely reticulate; above midrib slender, prominulous, nerves filiform; below rather dull, midrib prominent, not very thick, nerves 15-30 pairs, rather patent, thin, hardly thicker than the reticulation, in between shorter ones. Petiole rather slender, flat above, the base for 5 mm thickened, concave, with decurrent central thin midrib; below convex; 1-6 cm long.

Forest. Cochinch. 1 (1897) t. 364 G (exclud. Griffith 1095 (P) = M. pentandra)', Brandis, Ind. Trees (1911) 206; Craib, Fl. Siam. Enum. 1 (1931) 542; Mukherji, Lloydia 12 (1949) 92; Phengldai, Thai For. Bull 15 (1985) 108, no. 37 — Typus: Kurz 2026 (CAL,holo,K,P), Pegu, Yoma, Martaban, fl. Mangifera indica Auct. , quoad Wallich, Catal. ). Mangifera duperreana Pierre, Fl Forest. Cochinch. 362 A; Lecomte, Fl gén. Indoch. 2 (1908) 14, pl. 362, fig. 4; Craib, Fl. Siam. Enum. 1 (1931) 343; Mukherji, Lloydia 12 (1949) 81; Crevost & Lemarié, Catal.

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