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By Matthew Parynik Mendel

This landmark research examines the biggest medical pattern so far of male survivors of sexual abuse in early life. utilizing information from his national North American survey, the writer unearths that such abuse is vast, hence dispelling myths in regards to the invulnerability of males.

Mendel argues that numerous societal myths have resulted in a profound under-recognition of male formative years sexual abuse. He proposes that elevated realization to, and acknowledgement of, male victimization is required so that it will lessen either the stigma and isolation of male survivors and the prevalence of abuse. the writer additionally indicates ameliorations to conceptual frameworks regarding the long term effect of youth sexual abuse to use in particular to male

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Second, the male victim is likely t o act in such a way so as t o avoid seeing himself as a helpless victim. Sepler ( 1 9 9 0 ) asserts that treatment interventions aimed at helping male survivors recognize that the abuse was not their fault and that they were helpless to do anything about it represent an unfortunate carryover from work with female survivors. She argues that perceiving oneself as helpless, as lacking in control, o r as a victim is a male's greatest fear. It is largely to escape this self-image that the male victim acts out aggressively o r perpetrates abusive acts upon others.

38 THE MALE SURVIVOR H e said that others feel that this is unfair t o t h e m , that they should not have t o pay the price o f what was d o n e t o him in childhood. It is understandably difficult for David t o distinguish the effects o f the physical and the sexual abuse. H e speculates that if only the physical abuse had occurred, he would find sexual relationships m o r e tolerable. H e said that he desperately wants t o touch and t o be touched, but is "deathly afraid" o f it. H a d only the sexual abuse, and n o t the physical abuse, occurred, he thinks that he would not have such a deep and abiding hatred of his mother.

Ron sees his career as a chiropractor as an adaptive o u t c o m e o f his abuse. H e views himself as providing for others what he wishes had been provided him—warm, healthy, physical contact in the c o n t e x t of safe boundaries. H e hopes that his practice will eventually evolve into m o r e general counseling. H e began practicing massage/chiropractic therapy following time spent in dance therapy and in a dance troupe, each o f which provided the sort of safe physical contact he sought. Ron believes that the abuse has had some positive effects upon him.

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