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The far-ranging officials of the BC Provincial Police lined a space higher than California, Oregon, and Washington mixed. In Yukon, a strength of 19 Mounties have been charged with upholding the legislations throughout all of Arctic Canada. Set in frontier cities and rural groups from Vancouver Island to the Rocky Mountains to Herschel Island, Yukon, the tales during this assortment exhibit the real-life hardships and triumphs of policing throughout the growth and bust years of the early 20th century.

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B. Tatchell, the new bank manager who had just been transferred from Prince Rupert. As they walked, they were suddenly conscious of an odd noise up the street near the bank. “Sounded like shots, Doc,” said Tatchell. Then his eye caught the figure idling outside the bank—and something else. The idler was slipping a rifle out from under his mackinaw. “It’s a holdup, Doc,” said Tatchell, grabbing his companion’s arm. ” Preacher McLean tossed aside his bucket and started running—back to the tent that served as temporary accommodation.

He was dead. Sick with pain, weak from loss of blood, and crazed by the death of Westaway, Ross was on the verge of collapse. For the moment, he hoped that his blows had brought death to the man who had fired the shot that killed Westaway. But this hope was shattered when the captive stirred and seemed about to resume the struggle. Ross slugged him viciously until his body was again limp and lifeless. Ross was in a predicament. He was afraid to leave his prisoner, and was so weak himself, he thought he might collapse at any minute.

The police had learned that the three were Russians and that they had arrived in Lethbridge from Great Falls, Montana, about ten days before boarding the train. One of them, Tom Bassoff, had a glass eye that showed a glazed expression. The first definite word of the three occurred about dusk on August 6. The accountant of the Coleman Bank of Commerce reported to the RCMP’s Inspector Macdonald that three men answering the descriptions of the robbers had tried to cash a cheque. But when they were told they needed identification, they left.

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