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By Jean-Luc Boiffier

This quantity explores the speculation and perform of flight dynamics. It units the correct equations for the overall case of a round rotating Earth, that's then evaluated through exam of the flat, mounted Earth. All equations are designed to resolve functional problems the writer met in the course of his instructing actions, which have been usually the resource of error and wasted time.

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This is a classical hypothesis and well justified for Flight Dynamics. But this hypothesis is not necessary for the establishment of the equations. It will be recalled to mind later on when this hypothesis might intervene. Several symmetrical plans, inertial, geometrical and propulsion, could exist. The body frame Fb could therefore be chosen differently with the choice depending on the form that would be given to the equations. The definition must be stated even more precisely if the aircraft is going to be characterized as flexible.

For the definition of the Normal Earth-fixed frame, t8heEartlh’s shape is rather important. In this document, it is assumed that the Earth is spherical (Hypothesis 2). Therefore A 0 = Rt, with Rt as the Earth radius assumed constant. 2, p. 21). The Earth’s geoid is well represented by an ellipsoid of a revolution flatten at the poles. __ ~__ ~~~ ~~~ ~ .... 4 The choice of the axis Z E directed towards the bottom might seem strange with respect to the notion of altitude. This choice is somewhat justified by the positive sense of rotation around x , in accordance with the positive sense of rotation used with the headings, North, East, etc.

Two other objectives, aircraft design and control, appear when information about the motion is looped towards efforts or aircraft definition. The pilot can act on the aerodynamic and propulsive efforts; he will pilot as a result of his perception of the motion of the aircraft. This observation of motion is obtained through measurement. Measurement feedback on the external efforts constitutes the control loop. A lower frequency loop of the same form could be operated, not directly on the effort but on the definition of the aircraft.

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