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By Jordan D. Paper

The Deities Are Many is a full of life and discovered advent to polytheism. Drawing from either his scholarly learn and his own event, writer Jordan Paper is definitely the right consultant into this milieu. Paper used to be interested in polytheism via his love of nature, seeing it as a resource of the divine. during this ebook he specializes in chinese language and local American spiritual traditions, in addition to West African, African-Brazilian, Hindu, Polynesian, and circum-Polar traditions, to explain the theology of polytheism. The e-book offers a topology of polytheistic deities, concentrating on the cosmic couple, Father Sky and mom Earth; animal, plant, and mineral deities; ancestral spirits; divine ghosts; and tradition heroes and tricksters. Paper additionally indicates how monotheists misunderstand polytheism and gives a polytheist standpoint on what it skill to be human while the "deities are many." it is a attention-grabbing, illuminating ebook, specially for these raised in monotheistic societies.

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While we cannot stare at the unclouded Sun without unshaded eyes, we can at Moon. She lights our way in the darkness; Her comfort and beauty are readily accessible. As a modern male, even though I know the moon also to be a huge rock on which humans, with great technological effort, can walk, I still address Her, with considerable affection and a lump in my throat, as Grandmother every time I meet Her. And I can only contemplate with wonder how the Native traditionalist women I know must feel about Her, given that they bond with Her every moon cycle for much of their lives.

There is no predicting which of these spirits will come to one, although an elder guiding a youth may decide that the spirit that came is not suitable for the individual and have the youth try again. Given that we are dealing with polytheism, it is not necessarily the case that a person will have a relationship with a single spirit. Those actively involved in spiritual practices may have a number of relationships, involving those with a variety of talents that can be called upon as required. Nor is the nature of the relationship with a particular animal deity the same from person to person.

If we understand Cedar to be a living being, given all of its powers, how could we not understand it as a deity whose help we weak humans desperately need? But the worship of undomesticated plants is hardly limited to foraging cultures. Even northern European and North American Christianity utilizes the evergreen tree from Teutonic influence in its unofficial rituals, that is, the Christmas tree. The oak was sacred in pre-Christian Britain and continued into the Christian period as the Yule log.

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