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By Christopher Knight

It all started as a private quest to unearth the origins in their order’s old rituals—but 14 years when they begun their seek, Freemasons Christopher Knight and Robert Lomas have found even more. The ebook of Hiram brings their project to an grand shut, because it painstakingly rebuilds the long-forgotten tale inside the scattered rites and ceremonies of Freemasonry and places forth explosive facts drawn from the newest archeological discoveries, the Bible, and early models of Masonic rituals. What it finds is “The Masonic Testament,”a parallel narrative to the Bible, with occasions that pass unmentioned or ignored in these sacred pages—including a mystery technology of astronomy that they locate encoded within the Bible. The examine concludes with the startling revelation: misplaced technological know-how that modified the realm prior to, might switch it once more.

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On this morning, exactly 24 minutes before sunlight enters the chamber, the light of the Sun bounces off the surface of the planet Venus and enters the chamber at Newgrange as a collimated beam through the dormer. For about fifteen minutes the chamber will be brightly illuminated by the light of a full Venus, the third brightest object in the sky, and the light of Venus will be in the centre of the chamber. As Venus first appears its light will be red, as the bright light of the planet will be refracted by its low position on the horizon.

Once the positions of the pillar and south slab were set, the chamber was constructed around the pillar. The existing position was chosen so that two hours after sunset Venus is in the same part of the sky that the setting winter Sun has vacated, and so the light of Venus could now also cast a shadow on the pillar. The positions of first the Sun and then the Venus shadow make it possible to measure the exact position of Venus in the evening sky. Now this was an important measurement for these ancient astronomers, because when viewed from Earth, the planet Venus is the most accurate indicator of the time of year available In the solar system.

However, it is still ignored by some less well informed archaeologists, who proffer ludicrous notions such as the idea that this highly respected professor of engineering had fooled himself by identifying nothing more than the average pace of a megalithic builder. Had these critics taken the time to check their supposed counter13 Thom, A: Megalithic Sites in Britain, Oxford University Press, 1967 31 T H E BOOK OF H I R A M explanation by experiment they would have realised that they were talking nonsense.

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