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It's great having a suite of high quality writing concerning software program and the enterprise in a single position rather than trawling the net for it. Meryl ok. Evans, meryl. unique learn with a few enlightening insights into what I do for a living... the complete ebook is astounding even though, and also you may still completely choose it lifeless tree shape. this can be a booklet worthy testing, whether you're no longer a software program developer.
With a nod to either the intense and humorous facets of technical writing, the simplest software program Writing I: chosen and brought via Joel Spolsky is an pleasing learn and a consultant to the technical writing literati.
The top software program Writing comprises writings from:
* Ken Arnold * Leon Bambrick * Michael Bean * Rory Blyth * Adam Bosworth * danah boyd * Raymond Chen * Kevin Cheng and Tom Chi * Cory Doctorow * ea_spouse * Bruce Eckel * Paul Ford * Paul Graham * John Gruber * Gregor Hohpe * Ron Jeffries * Eric Johnson * Eric Lippert * Michael Lopp * Larry Osterman * Mary Poppendieck * Rick Schaut * Aaron Swart * Clay Shirky * Eric Sink * why the fortunate stiff

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1 Windows includes quite a few sneaky and beautiful hacks to make sure that when you upgrade to a new version of the operating system, all your old applications will continue to run. I first learned about this from one of the developers of the hit game SimCity, who told me that there was a critical bug in his application: it used memory right after freeing it, a major no-no that happened to work OK on DOS but would not work under Windows where memory that is freed is likely to be snatched up by another running application right away.

Email long ago became a curse. Blogreaders only exacerbate the problem. I can’t even imagine the video or audio equivalent because it will be so much harder to filter through. What will be new is people coming together to rate, to review, to discuss, to analyze, and to provide 100,000 Zagat’s,16 models of trust for information, for goods, and for services. Who gives the best buzz cut in Flushing? We see it already in eBay. We see it in the importance of the number of deals and the ratings for people selling used books on Amazon.

Don Ferguson of IBM builds edifices of such sophistication and elaboration as to daunt the designers of the extraordinary archways of the Alhambra. Tim Berners-Lee created the Web as we know it today and preaches a sort of religion about the semantic Web from his aerie at MIT that is totally over my head. These are very smart gentlemen. One would be foolish to try to appear smart when speaking between them. Accordingly, I’m going to take the opposite tack. I’m going to talk about the virtues of KISS (which I’ll conveniently describe as keeping it simple and sloppy) and its effect on computing on the Internet.

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