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By Marc Peter Keane

In eastern gardens, composition follows from placement of the 1st stone; all components and plantings turn into interconnected. those 8 essays on Kyoto gardens equally start with willing description and construct into richly meditative tours into paintings, Buddhism, nature, and technology. panorama architect Marc Keane exhibits how eastern gardens are either a microcosm of the traditional universe and a transparent expression of our humanity, mirroring how we predict, worship, and manage our lives and groups. jam-packed with passages of attractive attractiveness, this can be a actually transcendent e-book approximately "experiencing" eastern design.

Marc Peter Keane has lived in Kyoto for 17 years and is writer of Japanese backyard Design. He designs residential, corporation, and temple gardens.

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In Europe, the ancients piled rocks in lines, or pounded rows of rough stakes into the ground and wove them with coarse vine wattle, to make their gardaz, separating themselves from the wild just enough feel safe. Medieval Japanese teamasters designed a more elegant threshold—refined fences of bamboo or clay-plastered walls—but their intent was not all that different: to create an enclosure and by that separate the inner world from the outer. No matter the material, no matter the aesthetic, the act of making the enclosure—of closing the circle—marks the beginning of the garden.

With its thick fur, claws, and acute sense of smell, it could fend for itself. Freed from its cage, it may even relish the experience. But were I to try the same thing—release myself into the forest—I fear it would not go so well. I began to imagine the possibility: stopping the car, turning off the engine and walking away, key in place. Stripping down buck-naked, leaving behind all trace of civilization, striding off into the ocean of dappled bamboo leaves. After an initial thrill of gentle sunlight on bare skin, the whole experience would undoubtedly turn sour: bamboo leaves cutting fine slashes through my unprotected skin, rocks tearing at the skin of my feet, no food, 53 Marc Peter Keane no shelter.

We murder our own kind, wage cruel and calculated wars. But if cold-bloodedness is proof of our unnaturalism, consider for a moment the callous acts of some other species. Lions are known to consume their own offspring, inexplicably, still wet and clinging at the moment of birth. Dominant males among social primates will kill the young of others to free their mothers for their own seed. Female praying mantises devour their mates while copulating, crunching away from head on down, even as the remains of the hapless males continue to pump away at procreation.

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