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Male. 43 mm. 54 mm; black, shiny; ocelli large and prominent; setae long. 77 mm long. 59 mm long, black, densely pubescent, incrassate; terminal segments black. 22 mm wide at base; black, shiny; calli raised, smooth; lateral margins carinate. Scutellum: black, shiny; base finely punctate; apical half transversely rugose. Hemelytron: brown, punctate, shiny; pubescence long and dense; wing membrane fuscous, lighter along veins. Ventral surface: dark brown; femur dark brown; apex yellowish; tibia yellowish; hind tibia with prominent bristles.

Ovipositor not developed; anterior tibia slender; pad absent or very small . Cardiastethini Ovipositor developed; anterior tibia enlarged at apex; pad large 3. 36 mm in length; setae very short or absent; males with two cIaspers . 36 mm in length; setae prominent; males with left Xylocorini clasper only Key to genera of Scolopini 1. Anterior femur swollen, armed beneath with rows of teeth Scoloposcelis Fieber Anterior femur slender, unarmed. Calliodis Reuter 51 Genus Scoloposcelis Fieber Elongate, macropterous, glabrous.

63) is typical for the genus. This species is often found in association with musculus but in smaller numbers. It probably preys on aphids and other small insects associated with the host plant. Habitat. Collected only on Salix spp. Distribution. Originally described from Alberta, Ontario, the Northwest Territories, and the Yukon; also occurs in Saskatchewan (Map 11). Map 11. Distribution of Anthocoris dimorphicus Anderson & Kelton. 39 Anthocoris musculus (Say) Figs. 24, 64,105; Map 12 Reduvius musculus Say 1832:32.

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