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36 Gold, T . , (private communication). 37 Salisbury, J. W . , A s t r o p h y s . , 134, 126 (1961). 38 Watson, Κ . , M u r r a y , Β . , and B r o w n , H . S . , J. G e o p h y s . R e s . , 66, 1958, 3033 ( 1 9 6 1 ) . 29 Fig. 1 30 Manchester in Sinus R o r i s Lunar Programme) Oceanus photograph; of the (Pic-du-Midi Observatory The Rümker formation Procellarum Ζ. KOPAL Fig. 2 31 Lunar domes in the Programme) Manchester r e g i o n of C o p e r n i c u s Midi Observatory photograph; Lunar (Pic-du- TECHNOLOGY OF LUNAR EXPLORATION Fig.

A t l a s of the F a r Side of the M o o n (USSR A c a d e m y of S c i e n c e s , M o s c o w , 1960); c f . , a l s o , M i k h a i l o v , Α . Α . , in P r o c . of the 14th I . A . U . S y m p o s i u m on T h e M o o n , edited by Z . K o p a l and Ζ . K . M i k h a i i o v ( A c a d e m i c Jfress, London and N e w Y o r k , 1962), pp. 3-6. 28 T E C H N O L O G Y O F LUNAR EXPLORATION 31 F o w l e r , W . Α . , G r e e n s t e i n , G e o p h y s . , 6, 148 ( 1 9 6 2 ) . 32 C a m e r o n , A .

First, the areas between the smallest craters scattered over the maria appear smooth and flat as seen from earth. Second, a convenient model for thermal analysis has been accepted as having mechanical significance, and a thin sheet of dust over vast areas of flat rock has been inferred. Third, one interpretation of radar echo experiments leads to a conclusion that roughness over large areas is limited to about 10 cm. We must accept the facts behind these inferences. It is the object of the later sections of this report to show how many seemingly unrelated d i s ciplines have contributed clues which, taken together, point to the lunar surface description which the author would use in designing a model terrain for lunar mechanism testing.

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