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Rather than cursing herbs that spread to make dense patches, a smart gardener puts them to use and takes advantage of this sual, country-style gardens. In small gardens, want them to tendency. In a small garden, though, an herb that spreads vigorously soon grabs more than its share of space. One solution is to dig up the entire plant every year or two, normally in spring; break off a small division to replant; and discard or give away the rest. Another technique is to confine the plant with a buried barrier, such as a large plastic nursery pot or similar Watch — though some and others will sneak under the bottom.

Whether by seed, cutting, or division, some plants are much easier to propagate than others they develop quickly, and they need only routine attention and care. The encyclopedia entries note herbs that can be easily propagated by home gardeners with no special skills or equipment. For more advanced information about propagation, refer to Taylor's Guide to Gardening plants, especially — Techniques (Boston: Houghton Mifflin, 1991). Raising Herbs from Seeds annual and biennial herbs are grown from seeds, and perennial and woody herbs can be raised from seeds, too.

Soil-based mixes are usually less expensive and heavier. The added weight is good for plants outdoors, because it helps keep the pots from Growing Herbs blowing over moving soilless it's burdensome when you are from place to place. Lightweight mixes cost more, but they are popular economy soilless 33 wind, but large potted plants ease and aged in the Containers in in in nurseries for transporting the plants, and prepack- mixes are very consistent from batch to batch, grow uniform crops without having to make so a nursery can adjustments for different lots of soil.

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