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By Rita Raley

Tactical Media describes interventionist media paintings practices that have interaction and critique the dominant political and monetary order. instead of taking to the streets and staging amazing protests, the practitioners of tactical media interact in a classy politics of disruption, intervention, and schooling. From They Rule, an interactive map of the myriad connections among the world’s company and political elite created via Josh On and Futurefarmers, to Black Shoals, a monetary industry visualization that's meant to be either aesthetically and politically disruptive, they embody a huge diversity of oppositional practices.

In Tactical Media, Rita Raley offers a severe exploration of the recent media paintings activism that has emerged out of, and in direct reaction to, postindustrialism and neoliberal globalization. via shut readings of initiatives via the DoEAT crew, the severe artwork Ensemble, digital Civil Disobedience, and different tactical media teams, she articulates their divergent tools and pursuits and locates a virtuosity that's boldly political. modern versions of resistance and dissent, she reveals, mimic the decentralized and digital operations of world capital and the post-9/11 defense country to use and undermine the approach from inside.

Emphasizing the profound shift from technique to strategies that informs new media art-activism, Raley assesses the efficacy of its symbolic performances, gamings, visualizations, and hacks. With its cogent analyses of recent media artwork and their social influence, Tactical Media makes a well timed and masses wanted contribution to wider debates approximately political activism, modern artwork, and electronic know-how.

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Coco Fusco describes Electronic Disturbance Theater’s FloodNet operations as “nonmimetic theater,” with only “abstract representations of the ‘hits’ and textual descriptions of the purpose and/or motive for the actions,” and indeed that is an apt description of the visual record of the performances. org forum members when their server temporarily goes down, EDT is adamant: “This is a Protest. S. Defense Department, Samuel Huntington, Rep­ resentative Sensenbrenner, and others. 38 Though these targets appear focused, SWARM’s overall concern is not simply a set of antagonists but a “systemic logic,” which “ ‘others’ migrant people and people of color in general” and willfully erases the complex history of migration to the United States in order to posit a rightfully native population.

The gaming industry. This algorithm allows a character or sprite to avoid artificial and physical obstacles and navigate the most efficient solution path through a terrain, which creates the appearance of intelligence. 56 In the context of this work by Klima, the A* algorithm functions as a graphing technique that produces a visual analysis of the data sets and makes the links among them paradoxically concrete. As a consequence, biopolitics are rendered in the interface of the game. 57 In Political Land­ scape, Emotional Terrain, “life” is brought into the arena of knowledge, management, and calculation.

Regardless, it is a mode of attack, both a military tactic and a practice of political resistance: “Swarming is a seemingly amorphous, but deliberately structured, coordinated, strategic way to strike from all directions at a particular point or points” (12). And in the context of their analysis of the Zapatista movement, they write: “Swarming occurs when the dispersed units of a network of small (and perhaps some large) forces converge on a target from multiple directions. ”42 We can contrast the swarm with the wavelike structure of the phalanx: the swarm is the dispersion of force rather than its massification or concentration.

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