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By John R. Ehrenfeld

The built international, more and more conscious of “inconvenient truths” approximately worldwide warming and sustainability, is popping its cognizance to attainable remedies—eco-efficiency, sustainable improvement, and company social accountability, between others. yet such measures are mere Band-Aids, and so they may very well do extra damage than reliable, says John Ehrenfeld, a pioneer within the box of business ecology. during this deeply thought of e-book, Ehrenfeld demanding situations traditional understandings of “solving” environmental difficulties and gives a noticeably new set of ideas to achieve sustainability. The book is based upon this new definition: sustainability is the prospect that people and different existence will flourish on the earth perpetually. There are hindrances to this hopeful imaginative and prescient, besides the fact that, and overcoming them would require us to rework our habit, either separately and jointly. Ehrenfeld identifies troublesome cultural attributes—such because the endless intake that characterizes glossy life—and outlines functional steps towards constructing sustainability as a frame of mind. via targeting the “being” mode of human life instead of at the unsustainable “having” mode we hang to now, he asserts, a sustainable international is inside of our succeed in. (20080930)

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Industrial ecology is based on the idea that healthy ecosystems can also serve as a metaphor for sustainable human socioeconomic systems. One of the central themes in this field is the closing of material loops—in other words, recycling most everything we use in the same way materials flow in natural systems. At this workshop a speaker from one of the largest retail chains in the United States gave an impassioned presentation about all the good things his firm was doing for environmental improvement.

In a sense, we are stuck in the system that has created our dilemmas. Until we begin to dwell in a new world of sustainability we will have lots of questions but few answers. If you read this book expecting or hoping to find detailed answers, you will be disappointed, although I do try to point to a way to a sustainable future. But if you can discipline yourself to live inside the questions that are raised here, then you will slowly be able to discard the old tried, but no longer true, answers and replace them with new, effective ways of building a sustainable future.

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