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By Deborah V Mink; Janis K Drab Fackler; Linda H Pickett; Shell Education

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Encourage students to use the dictionary or Internet to help them with this part of the activity. 6. Have students share their new words with the class and discuss ideas about the meaning of the vocabulary word based on this new information. 7. As a class, decide on a definition and have students write that definition beneath the tree. 8. Repeat steps 3–7 for the remaining vocabulary words on the list. Sample: mi de llim tigra ete r cen centipede cen ti (h re) und redt h ) easu er (m met thermom eter centimeter © Shell Education SEP 50249 (i3423)—Strategies for Teaching Mathematics 49 Strategies for Vocabulary Development Student Reproducibles Name _____________________________________________ Root Word Tree Directions: Write the unknown word in the box at the base of the tree.

6. Allow students to repeat the word chorally and demonstrate the correct physical action for the word x-axis. 7. Demonstrate the correct action for students to self-check. Evaluate the time and the students’ accuracy with the action. It may be appropriate to call out this word again after a few other words have been practiced. 8. Repeat steps 5–7 for the remaining words in the list. 40 SEP 50249 (i3423)—Strategies for Teaching Mathematics © Shell Education Strategies for Vocabulary Development Teacher Resources Math Hunt Standards • understands level-appropriate vocabulary • uses level-appropriate vocabulary in speech Background Information Math Hunts are similar to scavenger hunts in that students are gathering items.

Write the vocabulary words for the day’s lesson on the board or overhead. 2. Discuss the meanings of each of the words and allow several students to share sample sentences using the words correctly. ) before students are allowed to share. 3. Distribute 3 to 5 counters/markers to each student. 4. Place students in groups of three to five. 5. Provide students with the following rules: • Every time a student defines a vocabulary word or says a sentence with one of the vocabulary words in it, he or she gives away a marker or counter.

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