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By Stuart A. Wright, Susan J. Palmer

Whereas students, media, and the general public might be conscious of a couple of awesome executive raids on spiritual groups, resembling the U.S. federal raid at the department Davidians in 1993, only a few individuals are conscious of the scope of those raids or the frequency with which they happen. encouraged through the Texas country raid at the Fundamentalist Church of Latter-day Saints in 2008, authors Stuart A. Wright and Susan J. Palmer made up our minds to assemble facts on all of the raids of this sort that experience taken position in Western-style democracies during the last six a long time. They therefore verified the 1st archive of raided teams after which used it see if any styles may be pointed out. Their findings have been surprising; there have been way more raids than anticipated, and the majority of them had happened due to the fact 1990, reflecting an almost exponential bring up. What might account for this surprising and dramatic bring up in nation keep watch over of minority religions?

In Storming Zion, Wright and Palmer argue that the elevated use of those high-risk and severe sorts of enforcement corresponds to accelerated association and projects by means of competitors of unconventional religions. Anti-cult agencies supply strategic "frames" that outline power conflicts or difficulties in a given neighborhood as inherently risky, and build narratives that draw on stereotypes of kid and sexual abuse, brainwashing, or even mass suicide. The distinctive team is made to seem extra risky than it's, leading to an overreaction by way of specialists. Wright and Palmer discover the results of heightened kingdom repression and regulate of minority religions in an more and more multicultural, globalized international. At a time of speedily transferring demographics inside of Western societies this e-book cautions opposed to nation keep watch over of marginalized teams and gives perception into the explanations why the responses to those teams are frequently so reactionary.

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Myriad forms of social deviance derived from the ineluctable force of a charismatic cult leader’s manipulation mentale (mind control) that emanated from the id. Under this new law, any secte leaders found guilty of l’abus frauduleux de l’etat d’ignorance ou de faiblesse would be liable to five years in prison and a fine of up to 750,000 euros in damages. In this way, the concept of brainwashing was first introduced into French national law. (Palmer, 2011b:22) Under the French penal code, the state created a concept (mental manipulation) with no objective criteria by which to define it and so vaguely crafted that the law could be used by prosecutors to harass or target any religion classified as a sect (Duvert, 2004).

Kelly states: Coordination with appropriate and legitimate news media will allow not only scrutiny to be brought to bear on the Island Pond situation [sic], but to use the Island Pond situation to focus attention on the cult issue—on such clear issues as child abuse and antisocial behavior rather than on the more clouded and controversial issues of mind control, deprogramming and religious controversies. 6) Even as he acknowledged the increasingly problematic tactic of deprogramming, Kelly marked a path forward for ACM activists.

Consequently, ACM leaders began to revise and reformulate their methods regarding strategic challenges to NRMs. ACM leaders recognized and took advantage of critical changes in social and cultural understandings of child protection that peaked in the 1980s. The emergence of a growing concern and rhetoric about child victims or “threatened children” (Best, 1990) provided new and significant opportunities for opponents. ” The revolutionary change in the social construction of child victimization produced a dramatic transformation in public attitudes, child protection and reporting laws, and media attention, first in the United States, and then in Western Europe.

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