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By Lawrence Rosenthal, Christine Trost

Within the Spring of 2009, the Tea celebration emerged onto the yankee political scene. within the wake of Obama’s election, as commentators proclaimed the “death of conservatism,” Tax Day rallies and Tea social gathering showdowns at congressional city corridor conferences marked a brand new and unforeseen bankruptcy in American conservatism. obtainable to scholars and common readers, Steep: The Precipitous upward push of the Tea occasion brings jointly prime students and specialists at the American correct to ascertain a political stream that electrified American society. themes addressed by way of the volume’s individuals contain the Tea Party’s roots in past mass routine of the best and in designated sorts of American populism and conservatism, the importance of sophistication, race and gender to the increase and successes of the Tea social gathering, the influence of the Tea occasion at the Republican social gathering, the connection among the Tea occasion and the non secular correct, and the contradiction among the grass-roots nature of the Tea occasion and the proven political financing in the back of it. during the quantity, authors offer distinctive and infrequently unbelievable money owed of the movement’s improvement at neighborhood and nationwide degrees. In an Epilogue, the Editors tackle the connection among the Tea occasion and the Occupy Wall road circulation.

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It needs to be kept in mind that the experiment in market fundamentalism made millions of Americans richer, and gave hope to others that they could be part of that group. In that sense, the Tea Party can be understood as a militant defense of that experiment (no matter the destruction that it precipitated). At a deeper level, the Tea Party embodies the concerns of mainly older, white Americans, the demographic that benefited most from the New Deal state, and that feels the ground shifting underfoot.

And partly, it is due to the fact that much of the Tea Party movement has embraced an ideological framework that has its ancestry in the John Birch Society and related elements of the Cold War far right. Indeed, these two explanations are not mutually exclusive. The AFP, for example, is funded by the brothers David and Charles Koch. 25 The Problem of Elites Observers often emphasize the role of resentment toward elites in fueling the rage of the Tea Party. But this is not nearly as straightforward as it is usually presented.

Overhauls Rules in House,” New York Times, January 6, 2011, A1. 47. One-third of the House’s Republican freshmen voted against the debt ceiling compromise. 48. Jennifer Steinhauer, “For Republican Freshmen, the Power of No,” New York Times, July 30, 2011, A17. 49. See Abramowitz, Chapter 8 in this volume. 50. Burghart and Zeskind, Tea Party Nationalism, 8. 51. ” From Amy Gardner, “Gauging the Scope of the Tea Party Movement in America,” The Washington Post, October 24, 2010. 52. Of the groups’ main political activities, 87 percent are directed mostly at the local level, 42 percent of the groups said they did not work with any national organization, and “there was no broad agreement on which national figure best represents the groups”: “No one” was the most popular response (34 percent), with Sarah Palin (14 percent) coming in second, followed by Glenn Beck (7 percent), Jim DeMint (6 percent), Ron Paul (6 percent), and Michele Bachmann (4 percent).

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