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By Bob Schutz, Byron Tapley, George H. Born

Statistical Orbit Determination presents fundmentals of orbit determination--from weighted least squares ways (Gauss) to brand new high-speed machine algorithms that supply accuracy inside a number of centimeters. quite a few examples and difficulties are supplied to augment readers' knowing of the material.

  • Covers such subject matters as coordinate and time platforms, sq. root filters, technique noise concepts, and using fictitious parameters for soaking up un-modeled and incorrectly modeled forces performing on a satellite.
  • Examples and workouts serve to demonstrate the foundations all through every one bankruptcy.

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The procedures applied to the numerical integration of the equations of motion are described in most books on numerical analysis, but references such as Press et al. (1986) and Shampine and Gordon (1975) are good sources of applied information. In the following sections, the contributions of various perturbing forces are summarized. These forces are separated into two categories: gravitational and nongravitational. The influenc e of these perturbing forces on the orbit is described in these sections.

An alternate determination of the argument of perifocus can be obtained from the eccentricity vector, e, a vector directed toward perifocus with magnitude equal to the orbit eccentricity. The vector e is given by e = V0 × It can be shown that h r0 − = eX uX + eY uY + eZ uZ . µ r0 eX cos Ω + eY sin Ω e − cos i sin Ω eX + cos i cos Ω eY + sin i eZ . sin ω = e The eccentric anomaly, E0 , can be obtained from cos ω = r0 cos f + e a r0 sin f . sin E0 = b cos E0 = Furthermore, the mean anomaly, M0 , is given by M0 = E0 − e sin E0 Chapter 2.

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