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By Joyce Duncan, Lesley Rackley, Alexandria Walker

Referred to as SSADM, the dependent platforms research and layout approach is now largely followed as a software program layout technique within the public area. This booklet covers the newest model of the strategy - model four.

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4 Data Store/Entity Cross Reference A Data Store/Entity Cross Reference should be produced from the LDS, the Entity Descriptions and the DFDs. This aids the validation of DFDILDS diagrams, ensuring that for all entities on the LDS and their attributes there is a corresponding data store in which they will be held . 4. reserved by assigned to I'" /1\ for Booking Room " requests Guest 'ade by takes up allocated in/I\ ....... in the name of Occupancy purchases charged to II\. Charge! 3 : Logical Data Structure of Current Hotel System Stage 1 : Investigation ofCurrent Environment (Continued) Data StorelEntity X - Ref SYSTEM: Current System Data Store Ref I I DATE!

Once this has been completed the analysts, with the assistance of the users, should allocate priority to each of the requirements. It should be noted that the RC may also be added to during Stage 2. 3 Quality Assurance Reviews The Quality Assurance Reviews in Version 4 ofSSADM have been taken out of the methodology and passed to the Project Management role; it is within that environment that the review methods will be defined. There are, however, quality criteria defined within the Product Description for each of the SSADM products.

This description should include information about the external entity and process involved , and every data attribute in the flow . An example of a flow that requires this documentation is the 'Departure List' in the case study. Examples of these descriptions can be found in Appendix 2. 7 Conclusion So far we have used DFDs to represent the current physical system. DFDs are also used at a number of other stages within SSADM and these uses are explained in subsequent chapters. Suffice to say that the Data Flow Diagram is one of the major products of Structured Analysis and a knowledge of the techniques involved in the development of these diagrams is of paramount importance for the analyst.

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