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By Joseph Sack

SQL Server 2008 Transact-SQL Recipes: A Problem-Solution process is an example-based consultant to the Transact-SQL language that's on the center of SQL Server 2008. learn how to create databases, insert and replace info, generate studies, safe your information, and extra. writer Joseph Sack takes universal Transact-SQL projects and breaks them down right into a challenge / resolution layout that's quickly and straightforward to learn that you should get the task performed speedy while the strain is on.

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Mr. Mr. Ms. , and of those rows, only include those with a FirstName of Catherine or a LastName of Adams? Or did the query author wish to search for all people named Ms. with a FirstName of Catherine, as well as anyone with a LastName of Adams? A query that uses both AND and OR should always use parentheses to clarify exactly what rows should be returned. For example, this next query returns anyone with a Title of Ms. and a FirstName equal to Catherine. ' AND FirstName = 'Catherine') OR LastName = 'Adams' How It Works Use parentheses to clarify multiple operator WHERE clauses.

WorkOrder. WorkOrder table contains the manufacturing work orders that control which products are manufactured in the quantity and time period, in order to meet inventory and sales needs. Name Lastly, using the HAVING query determines that, of the selected and grouped data, only those rows in the result set with a count of 50 or higher will be returned: HAVING COUNT(*)>50 Ordering Results The ORDER BY clause orders the results of a query based on designated columns or expressions. The basic syntax for ORDER BY is as follows: SELECT select_list FROM table_list [WHERE search_conditions] [GROUP BY group_by_list] [HAVING search_conditions] [ORDER BY order_list [ASC | DESC] ] ORDER BY must appear after the required FROM clause, as well as the optional WHERE, GROUP BY, and HAVING clauses.

This designates the backslash symbol as the escape character for the preceding LIKE expression string. If an escape character precedes the underscore within a search condition, it is treated as a literal value instead of a wildcard. Declaring and Assigning Values to Variables Throughout the book, you’ll see examples of variables being used within queries and module-based SQL Server objects (stored procedures, triggers, and more). qxd 4/11/08 9:55 AM Page 13 CHAPTER 1 ■ SELECT temporarily contain data.

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