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By Jean-Marie Abgrall

Abgrall info the mechanisms wherein cults allure, ensnare and brainwash new contributors, and discusses varieties of humans so much at risk of cult recruitment.

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Sometimes they sprout up under new names and combinations to create a new movement. Catharism is a prime example of this ongoing mutation; it had the 22 Cults — Past and Present status of a Church or sect, but above all has preserved a historical significance. This movement reappears periodically in the form of nostalgic microstructures that combine their rites with those of the templar groups (likewise persecuted), then take on the colorings of orientalism, of Arthurian knighthood, alchemy, esotericism, or tantrism, finally leading to the creation of movements such as the Knights of the Grail, New Cathares or Knights of Montsegur.

Some cults have developed dedicated branches in their organizations for the drug addicts. An example is Scientology, which has the Narconon centers that are supposed to contribute to the detoxification of drug addicts, using Scientology techniques of purification. Other groups seemed, in the beginning, to be doing good work and providing valuable assistance to drug addicts. However, these services were slowly transformed into coercive groups, attracting the attention of the authorities. The French Department of Health and Social Security had to rescind approval for a number of such centers.

It seems that Oleg Lobov, Secretary of the Security Council, was among those responsible for the establishment of Aum in Russia. In 1991, he contacted Shoko Asahara for the alleged purpose of collecting funds for the creation of a Russian-Japanese university. During his stay in Russia, Asahara met Ruslan Khasbulatov, at that time President of the Parliament, and also Alexander Rutskoi, Vice-President of Russia. 37 Money-Making Schemes The latest transformation in cults, well-suited to the present crisis, is economic performance — a powerful argument for recruitment and one which, furthermore, encourages an abundance of affiliate groups.

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