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No Pr t c e-R op e y o lea r d se ist rib ut e Parts that contain the Flat-Pattern1 or Flatten-Bends1 and ProcessBends1 features are sheet metal parts. Insert a model view of the sheet metal part. In the View Orientation portion of the PropertyManager, select the Flat pattern view orientation. The Flat pattern view orientation is generated automatically for sheet metal parts. The dialog expands to include the Reference Configuration and Flat Pattern options. Do Select the Reference Configuration on which the flat pattern will be based.

Or click Section View Drawing toolbar. on the The default sketch tool is the Line tool. The section line can also include concentric arcs. no Pr t c e-R op e y o lea r d se ist rib ut e Q Note For more information on standard options with view labels, see View Labels on page 287. To move to the parent view from the section view, right-click in the section view and select Jump to parent view. Section Views Using a Single Line Sketch a single line though the model and click Section View . The orientation of the view flips as you drag the preview across the section line.

Q Or on the Drawing toolbar click the Detail View tool. Detail View tool can be used two ways: 1. Make a sketch that encloses the area of interest, select the sketch geometry, and tool. Then place the The default sketch tool is the Circle tool. The original view is considered the Parent View. A Detail View can be moved to different sheet than the Parent View. For more information on options with view labels, see see View Labels on page 287. Do then select the detail view. Note 2. Click the tool first which turns on the Circle tool.

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