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By Hilda Neatby

Hilda Neatby turned a determine of nationwide controversy in 1953 with the book of So Little for the Mind, a harsh critique of Canadian basic and secondary tuition schooling. during this number of her released and unpublished articles, speeches, and letters, Michael Hayden provides the girl in the back of the debate within the context of her instances. He additionally features a entire bibliography of her works.

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Students remember the excitement of her lectures. Her approach to history tended to remain constitutional when possible, and when not, it was closely tied to what the historical personalities involved had written. This was leavened by an appreciation of the people she was talking about. In other words her lectures were much like her historical writing. A student of the late 1950's remembers that Hilda never used the same notes for a course twice and that she wrote three and a half pages of constructive criticism of an essay that she marked A-.

Hilda found another escape too. She quickly gained a reputation as a speaker and constantly gave speeches, often the same one and not infrequently on topics — like the Spanish Civil War — that she knew little about until a few weeks before the speech was scheduled. She did not really approve of this, nor of being only partially prepared to teach modern European history. But in both cases she did what she could — and she did work hard. 77 Perhaps this was the result of a professional malady of professors.

The method was for Hilda to send ideas and drafts to Massey and then, every so often, when she was in the East or as the result of a special trip, to spend several days with him either in Ottawa or at Batterwood near Port Hope, Ontario. At other times the speeches would be discussed only through the mail or on occasion over the phone. "103 Supposedly Hilda prepared drafts. In actuality, she wrote speeches, tailored to fit Massey, that expressed what they both thought. Massey added and subtracted a bit, but he did not change them in any substantial way.

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