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By Gene Logsdon

First released in 1977, this book—from considered one of America's most famed and prolific agricultural writers—became a virtually quick vintage between dwelling house gardeners and small farmers. Now absolutely up-to-date and to be had once again, Small-Scale Grain Raising bargains a solely new iteration of readers the simplest advent to quite a lot of either universal and lesser-known area of expertise grains and comparable box plants, from corn, wheat, and rye to buckwheat, millet, rice, spelt, flax, or even beans and sunflowers.

More and extra americans are searching for out in the community grown meals, but one of many actual hindrances to their efforts has been discovering neighborhood assets for grains, that are grown typically on huge, far away company farms. while, commodity costs for grains—and the goods made up of them—have skyrocketed as a result of emerging power expenditures and elevated call for. during this booklet, Gene Logsdon proves that anybody who has entry to a wide backyard or small farm...

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Pigs and chickens, both of which lack the multiple stomachs of grazing animals like cows, sheep, and goats, especially benefit from some grain in their diets. If you have to go to a store to buy the grains you need for your chickens or pigs, your own home-raised meat and eggs will cost you nearly as much as if you had bought them from the store. Furthermore, if you have to buy your grains in the marketplace, you may have to settle for less nutritional quality than what you could grow on rich organic soil and then air-dry by traditional, natural methods rather than with artificial heat.

He must always keep on expanding, keep on borrowing money, and live with the risks and gambles of perpetual debt. For each pound of gold, economics demands a pound of flesh. The “laws” of economics have placed a burden on agriculture that the latter’s natural processes can’t cope with. Economics assumes that agriculture responds to financial matters in the same way that the more controlled types of manufacturing respond. Economics assumes that a “good” farmer on “good” land will make enough money above operating costs to pay a 6 to 10 percent return on investment, plus a good living wage for the people who do the work on that farm, plus a nice return to management for the farmer-owner-manager.

I don’t know of any vegetable or grain that has been improved in taste as much as sweet corn over the past fifteen years. And yet, wonder of the free market, you can still get seed of very old varieties if you really do prefer them: Seed catalogs are full of yellow or white or mixed yellow-and-white-kerneled corn, even blue-kerneled, hybrid or open-pollinated, early or late maturing, and varieties with higher sugar content. I am not going to name names because new varieties come out all the time.

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