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By R. Glenn Hubbard

If you're thinking that the present management is mismanaging the economic system instantly in the direction of catastrophe, you are not on my own: so do best economists from either side of the political aisle. In Seeds of Destruction, former Bush leader White apartment economist R. Glenn Hubbard and recognized CNBC commentator Peter Navarro clarify why present fiscal coverage is a catastrophic failure. Then, they provide a complete, bipartisan blueprint for reversing the decline of America's forex, production base, and conventional of residing - atmosphere the degree for the epic coverage debates that would precede the 2010 elections. Hubbard and Navarro start with a "checklist" of what it takes to be a wealthy, democratic kingdom - and exhibit why Obama's regulations (some of Bush's additionally) fail on each point. They clarify why the activist Federal Reserve and Obama economic stimulus regulations are doing way more damage than good... why we needs to repair the U.S. production base, no matter what China says approximately it... how one can rework tax coverage into an engine of progress and innovation... easy methods to practice the "tough love" had to retailer Social safeguard, Medicare, and Medicaid... why the USA needs to renounce the activity of worldwide policeman... how market-based recommendations can ultimately bring genuine power independence... the right way to reform our vintage monetary regulatory process with out implementing heavy-handed principles that reason much more trouble.

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Relentless and ominous, the drumbeat echoes around the land: Social safeguard is at the verge of financial disaster. The caution has been repeated so usually that it has turn into a dark article of religion for the hundreds of thousands of usa citizens who pay Social safeguard taxes and count on to assemble merits sometime. however it is flatly unfaithful.

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As we will explain in the next chapter when we discuss our Ten Levers of Growth, free trade is an essential component of global economic growth and stability. The real problem American business executives face is not free trade per se. Rather, it is that in today’s global marketplace, American corporations often fight the free-trade wars with both hands tied behind their backs. One hand is tied behind the backs of American business executives because of the greater regulatory and tax burdens that are imposed on American soil relative to the burdens competitors face in other countries.

Imported goods provide consumers with much more choice while helping lower prices in markets around the world. Rather, the problem comes when America runs large trade deficits over a much extended period. In fact, America’s chronic deficits have three primary sources. The first is the anticompetitive nature of our corporate tax system. Not only must American exporters contend with the second-highest corporate tax burden of all the major economies in the world, but they also face a “double taxation” on anything they earn abroad.

Trade deficit. These expenditures on foreign oil effectively act as a “tax” on both American consumers and American businesses. When American consumers pay more to foreign oil producers to heat their homes and fill their gas tanks, that’s money lost that could otherwise go into driving the domestic economy. By the same token, when American businesses pay more for their energy needs, this drives up production costs, reduces the competitiveness of American businesses, and leads to lower output and fewer jobs.

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